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Personal Safety And Security Tips

April 12 2018 , Written by Aldous Summers

Never trust a doorway chain lock.

Whether at a hotel or in your home, never rely on doorway string locks for safety. Even amateurs can often undermine them in moments.

Don't overshare on social networking.

People have a propensity to post vacation pictures while still far from home - but, if such information is seen by the wrong sets of eyes that it may lead to efforts to commemorate your house. Also, do not respond to social-media invitations to events that involve all of the residents of your home - doing this can allow the public know in advance that nobody will be home at a certain time. There are a lot of other examples of just what to talk on societal media - the main point is think twice before posting, also, whenever possible, utilize technology to deal with any errors in this aspect. (Full disclosure: SecureMySocial, of which I am the CEO, offers technology in this industry and owns a related US patent.)

Lock up harmful medications which are candidates for abuse.

If you've got such prescription drugs at home don't store them in medicine cabinets that are accessible by visitors or anywhere else where people may strike them. You don't know the private demons of everyone who visits your home - many men and women suffer from dependency problems; the same may even hold true for the other residents of your home.

Do not let anybody see you enter sensitive information into a computerized apparatus.

With cameras ubiquitous, it is important to block people's view of your hands when entering PIN numbers, passwords, alarm codes, and your own children's carpool pickup times, etc.. Remember, high-resolution cameras which can see clearly from far away are now widely available - you might not even see a camera that is recording you.

In emergency situations use flashlights for light - not candles.

Do not use candles for light during power failures brought on by wind-related weather conditions (e.g., hurricanes) until after the adverse weather has passed. Aside from the simple fact that candles can be dangerous in general (especially if there are children in the house and/or if the candles are transported around when walking throughout the home), strong winds can hurl things through windows - creating scenarios where candles are exposed to wind that may knock them over and begin a dangerous fire.

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