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Home Defense Security Tips

April 12 2018 , Written by Aldous Summers

Change the Locks

Don't forget to change all of the locks when you move into a new house. Yoll never know who had access to the keys before you moved in. Should you lose the keys to your house, you should also replace all the locks for the maximum home security.

Light Up the Entry to Your Property

A wise way to keep burglars away would be to use lighting. Lighting with an infrared sensor automatically turns on when someone is at a specific zone or area. No burglar wants to maintain easy view while committing a crime.

Install Deadbolt Locks

All exterior doors should have at least 1 inch thick dead bolt locks. Although more costly than spring latch locks, dead bolts are much stronger and provide significantly more security. When installing deadbolts, be certain that you leave a minimum quantity of distance between the door and its frame, as this provides an chance for an intruder to pry the door apart. Doors can be fortified with plywood or a bit of sheet metal.

Protect Your Windows

Burglars often gain entrance into homes through windows. Protect these vulnerable areas with window locks or burglar-resistant glass. Installing many small panes of glass rather than one big annoyance of glass is a good option as well.

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